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Colerain Chamber of Commerce – Funding Request Form

Overall Mission Statement for the Colerain Chamber of Commerce:                                                                         

The Colerain Chamber of Commerce seeks to advance the economic, industrial, professional, commercial, cultural and civic welfare of Colerain Township and the surrounding communities; to encourage the growth of existing industries and businesses while giving all proper assistance to any new firms seeking to locate in the area; to provide business and industrial education to the people of Colerain Township and the surrounding area; and to support those activities determined to be beneficial to the community and surrounding area.

Goals for Philanthropic Support:

The Colerain Chamber of Commerce supports the local community, investing in projects that are considered by the Chamber’s Board of Directors and President to be in the best interests of the Chamber’s member businesses and organizations. Preference is given to supporting established non-profit organizations with specifically identified needs and objectives that will benefit the local community.

The Colerain Chamber does not provide support for: political groups, religious organizations, individuals, capital campaigns, communities outside those where its members are based, and organizations whose programs discriminate based on race/ethnicity/color/gender/age/etc.

Process for Requesting Support: Please provide complete answers to ALL the following questions, and   email your request to: President@ColerainChamber.org. Allow at least six weeks for a decision to be made.

  1. Name of the non-profit organization, its tax exempt ID number, a completed W9, and the most recent tax return (If the organization did not file a tax return, explain why.)
  2. Organization contact’s name, title, address, phone number, and email
  3. Brief description and history of the organization; its mission statement, goals, and objectives; and the number of members currently in the organization
  4. Type and scope of services offered by the organization, and the geographical area serviced
  5. How does the project (for which funds are requested) advance the mission of the Colerain Chamber?
  6. Specific details as to how requested funds would be used, including timing
  7. Overall project budget and dollar amount requested from the Colerain Chamber
  8. How is this project in the community’s best interest, and what is the expected demographic impact?
  9. List of the organization’s other corporate funders/sponsors, and sponsorship benefits (if any) provided by the organization to the Colerain Chamber, if funding is approved
  10. Colerain Chamber Member affiliate, if applicable (provide Member’s name and phone number)