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Your Colerain Chamber is the Northwest Cincinnati area connection for business and organizations.

Connect with us for networking, cost-saving benefits, referrals, marketing opportunities, increased visibility, learning programs and involvement with community leadership.

7 out of 10 consumers believe that being a Chamber of Commerce member enhances your reputation and demonstrates that you use good business practices.

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What our members are saying...

I appreciate being a Colerain Chamber member because I like being part of an organization that serves the community. I also appreciate the business discounts I get because I am a Chamber member, and I enjoy the people I meet and the many connections I have made through the Colerain Chamber.

Jim E.

I like the educational events offered by the Colerain Chamber because they can be utilized in either a small or large business context. I encourage all Chamber members to attend the educational seminars because the information is current and the presenters are subject matter experts.  

Sylvia D.

We appreciate the opportunity to partner with local businesses through the Colerain Chamber and to look for ways to give back to the community.

Marc O.

I appreciate being a member of the Colerain Chamber for many reasons. I have been able to network through the Chamber to meet business owners and government officials. I also appreciate the training and educational programs offered by the Chamber, especially those concerning digital advertising. In addition, I am taking advantage of the reduced rates for Workers’ Compensation premiums, as well as discounts on Chamber-sponsored health insurance.

Eric S.

As a member of the Colerain Chamber, I have been able to grow relationships with other Chamber members not only through business purposes, but also on a personal level.

Cheryl K.

We are always looking for ways to connect with the Westside community outside of a clinical setting. Colerain Chamber membership and events provide a great opportunity to do so.

Charlie H.

I enjoy the networking opportunities which get my name and business out there.  By sponsoring events, I can market my company to the attendees which I may never have reached if I did not belong.  Hearing about the local economic development puts me ahead of the competition in order to approach the new businesses coming into town. The Colerain Chamber has been growing so that it is linking me to a lot more prospects to pursue.

Nancy R.

The benefits of the Colerain Chamber are the people that we meet during the various functions provided by the Chamber.  It is always good to know the struggles and achievements of the business community.  The classes that are offered by the Chamber are always beneficial and keep us current with technology. 

Rose P.

The Colerain Chamber of Commerce was instrumental in helping us execute a successful Grand Opening Weekend celebration complete with a Ribbon Cutting attended by our Township trustees and a presentation of Tommy Moose stuffed toys to our local fire department.  The Chamber also provides us with opportunities to network with local businesses and identify community service projects.

Barry N.

I truly enjoy my time with the Colerain Chamber!  I’ve met so many awesome people, some of whom I now consider my friends.  I’ve learned important business tips that I now implement in my business to be more effective and efficient. I’ve gained a support system and a pool of resources at my fingertips.  It’s amazing and invaluable.  And on top of it all, it’s been fun!  I always have a great time at the Colerain Chamber events. 

Kay B.

Being a member of the Colerain Chamber has been beneficial in many ways. First, it is a great way to meet business contacts; I have met several wonderful people that have introduced me to potential clients. Secondly, it is great to know what events are happening in the area and what new businesses are coming. Lastly, the Chamber has provided several beneficial meetings. There are always great topics on growing your business and wonderful content. 

Stefany H.

The attribute of the Colerain Chamber that impresses me the most is its positive momentum. The members truly endorse and support one another and have true relationships and friendships. The Chamber has facilitated new friendships for me. A second way the Colerain Chamber has been very beneficial is the breakfast meetings where a topic is discussed. 

Nancy S.