Emerging Leaders of Colerain

Mission Statement
Emerging Leaders of Colerain fosters the young entrepreneurial spirit by offering opportunities for networking, mentorship, education, and leadership development. We strive to challenge each other with our diverse perspectives while working together to bring growth to the surrounding Colerain business community.

• Diversity         • Integrity
• Creativity       • Education
• Humility         • Commitment

Social Gatherings and Educational Programs
Monthly educational events highlight opportunities that are on the minds of those in the 21-40 year old demographic. Fun, gatherings take place on a quarterly basis, however you never know when a chance to meet will take place. While currently meeting in a variety of ways (in-person groups, one-on-one,  and via ZOOM conference call due to COVID-19 restrictions), the Emerging Leaders supports mentorship through its connection with the Colerain Chamber of Commerce members.




Jim Diebold


Adam Gabbard


Aubrey Ballinger

For more information: 

If you are interested in learning more or getting involved, please reach out to one of the leaders linked above.
You can also contact Dave Moravec at president@colerainchamber.org or call 513-923-5036.

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